seven oaks schoolMeeting Parents

Parents are welcome to come and discuss their problems related to their wards if any, with the staff of the school and the Principal after prior appointment. A regular communication between the Parents and the Teachers is essential in the interest of your ward, together we can help our children overcome their short falls, if any. Productive interaction between the teacher and the taught paves a way for the success of the latter. For the new academic year we wish to revive the "Parent Teacher Chambers" to discuss and resolve strategies for the welfare of the students. This will certainly bring the Parent Community closer to the school functioning.

There is an imminent need for restoration of values such as honesty, hard work, dignity of labour, compassion, empathy, good conduct and adaptability as qualities that help the students become well adjusted, resourceful individuals. In the context, 'Value Education' will be imparted by impressionistic and emulation techniques.

Assessment Pattern will be as follows (Grades II + III)
Periodic I September End
Periodic I December Begining
Finals March Begining

Unit Assessment will be conducted as follow for Grades II + III

April + May U1 Spread over 2nd to 3rd week of May
July + August U2 Mid August
October + November U3 Last week of October
January + February U4 2nd week of February followed by mock revision for the Finals

Grade IV - XII

Evaluation Programme : School follows the comprehensive cumulative assessment methodology for analyzing the students progress.


Quarter I 3rd week of May
Quarter II 3rd week of September
Quarter III 2nd week of December
Finals 1st week of March onwards

Unit Test (30 Marks)

Unit 2 spread over 2nd and 3rd week of August
Unit 3 spread over 2nd and 3rd week of November
Unit 4 2nd week of February

Final Evalution

System of Cumulative assessment (Classes IV to VIII)
Average of Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, (CAA) 60% of CAA + 20% Project + 20% Presentation skills.

Formal Assessment(Classes IV & V)

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4

P1 Project (All projects in the sme file. To be given as holiday Homework)
P2 Project Subject teachers to give marks to students as per the experiments/projects done by students in group activity. every group for P2 (class work) will comprise of 5 students for strength of 40 students, the teacher must have 8 projects in hand.
P2 will be done in month of November 2nd week.