The registration is open from December to March. The entrance is held on the given date in March. The new academic session begins in the first week of April.

The admission is subject to the following conditions:

  1.     Number of vacancies per class.
  2.     Order of merit.

Registration is done for classes upto VIII only. Admission to classes IX and XI may be considered for transfer cases from ISC and ICSE schools only, strictly on merit provided a vacancy exists. Ten percent seats are reserved for ST/SC.


  1. All fee instalments are to be paid strictly as scheduled. All cheques are to be made payable to Seven Oaks School.
  2. Young students should not be entrusted qwith the payment of fees.
  3. A delay beyond two months in the payment of fees renders student liable to be struck off the rolls.
  4. Those who have not paid the fees by the 15th of the third month, if not excused by a special arrangement, are liable to be sent home.
  5. Pupils will not be allowed to sit for terminal or Final Examinations unless the fees have been paid to date.
  6. The fee schedule and other charges are intimated to the parents separately and may change as and when necessary.
  7. The last date of payment i.e. 20th of the month (for local cheque 12th) will not be extended under any circumstances. In default, a fine/readmission charge will be paid as under.
  8. A fine of Rs. 100/- shall become payable in case of fee is not paid by the 20th of the month in which it is due. A two months delay shall attract a fine of Rs. 200/i.e. April\'s fee paid in June.
  9. In case the delay in paying of fees is over two months (i.e. April fee instalment being paid in July), automatic removal of student from the school rolls shall be done. A readmission fee shall become payable readmission, of course, being at the Principal\'s direction.
    Total Fee for X and XII to be deposited in the month of January.


  1. All applications for Transfer Certificate must reach the school office by 31st March.
  2. No Transfer Certificate is issued until all sums due to the school are paid.
  3. Students who appear for the ISC will automatically get their T.C. along with their Pass Certificates.
  4. If the student is migrating for further studies to a state other than Uttarakhand his Transfer certificate must be countersigned by the DEO/CISCE New Delhi.

Summer Timings

1st April to 31st October
Class II to V : 7.45 am to 1.05 pm
Senior School : 7.45 am to 1.40 pm

Winter Timings

1st November to 31st March
Class II to V : 8.30 am to 1.35 pm
Senior School : 8.30 am to 1.40 pm
For Senior School (V to XII) : 8:30 am to 2:15 pm

Please ensure that your wards are punctual and attend the school regularly.